Statutory Compliance

Our Statutory Compliance services are precisely what a business needs

Our Statutory Compliance services are precisely what a business needs to minimize their compliance risk exposure, focusing on their core business for a successful tomorrow!

Now that you are here, we are presuming that you know why you should outsource statutory compliance service?
Business in India is governed by the set of rules and regulations laid down by the Central as well as State Government, which is evident to change from time to time based on government decisions impacting businesses - internally (governance or management) as well as externally (like legal and HR compliances).

While you manage internal change (though we can assist you through its governance risk and compliance), we can make a big difference while managing external compliances - Legal as well as HR.

We can manage all the following compliance solutions activities for your organization.

  • Liaising with Government Authorities
  • Handling Remittances and Form Submissions
  • Registration, Renewal and Record Maintenance
  • Digital Form of Data (for Real-Time monitoring and update)
  • Managing and Handling Inspections by Government Authorities
  • End to End Compliance Management including closure responsibility
  • Compliance Audit for Current Status and Gap Analysis to Propose Solution
Widespread End-to-End Statutory Compliance Service - starting from Compliance Audit to Gap Analysis to Solution Recommendations to Registrations, managing Renewals and Records Maintenance - we have got it all covered pertaining to compliance needs.

We have all on your desk - Closures, Digital Record and Register Maintenance, Liaising with Government Authorities, Form Submissions and Remittances - updating and publishing reports on a regular and timely basis - which can be monitored and checked in real-time on secured cloud storage.

Given the dynamics of the employment laws, it’s a work in itself to stay compliant for small and mid-sized organization. To comply with all statutory norms and avoid penalties for organization to operate successfully, involves significant investment of resources, time, and continuous monitoring. With LeRojgar’s statutory compliance services, it becomes extremely easy for them to meet all central and stage government compliance requirements. And be rest assured, our internal team of seasoned lawyers and trained auditors will ensure all communication from the authorities are answered appropriately.

insight of Team Compliance

Experienced Team Members

Up to Date with the latest information

Regular Training of the Team

Monitored by the internal Auditors

Experience mixed with being informed of the latest information monitored by seasoned auditor translates into a flawless service to the principal employer.

what we do Day-2-Day

for the principal employer

Validation of Register

Computation, Validation and Processing of Remittance & Claims

Processing, Validation & Submission of Data to generate Challan

Preparation & Maintenance of required document in soft copy

Liaison with Government Authorities
ACTs we cover
  • Apprentices Act, 1961
  • Child Labour - Prohibition & Regulation Act, 1986
  • Contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970
  • Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions (EPF & MP) Act, 1952
  • Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 (ESIC)
  • Employment Exchanges CNV Act, 1959
  • Equal Remuneration Act, 1976
  • Factories Act, 1948
  • Industrial Dispute Act, 1947
  • Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946
  • Inter State Migrant Workmen Act, 1979
  • Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) Act, 1965
  • Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
  • Minimum Wages Act, 1948
  • Payment of Bonus Act, 1965
  • Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
  • Payment of Wages Act, 1936
  • Professional Tax (PT) Act, 1987
  • Punjab Industrial Establishments (National and Festival Holidays and Casual and Sick Leave) Rules, 1966
  • Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013
  • Shops & Establishment Act, 1948
  • Tamil Nadu Industrial Establishments (Conferment of Permanent Status to Workmen) Act, 1981
  • Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923

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